El Colibri Restaurant

Located in a cool and cozy setting, you will be able to feel the sea breeze and listen to the sounds of nature any time of the day at our very own El Colibri Restaurant. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our menu is based on fresh seafood, combining the best of traditional Ecuadorian cuisine with some international touches.

Main course

  • Seafood risotto
  • Shrimp «chupe»
  • Shrimp rice
  • Fish and shrimp Thai
  • Fish burger
  • Rice, beans and grilled fish
  • Ecuadorian «Bolon» de verde (plantain breakfast)
  • Ecuadorian «Tigrillo» (plantain breakfast)


  • Maduro Cake
  • Cake with ice cream


  • Fresh fruit juices
  • 500 ml water
  • Local beers
  • Soft Drinks